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HR Advisory Services

We render our expertise in Vision and Outcomes, Talent Management, People Strategy, Efficiency, and Productivity Mapping. We bring in an extensive professional network and experience for you. We make things happen!

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HR Advisory Structure - Our Approach

We use Schein Models of Organisation Structure and Culture as the backdrop against which we explain our services.

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HR Advisory Structure In-Depth

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We have four major areas of service:


We help translate the business vision to success outcomes via mapping goals, mentoring teams, and creating a sustainable organisational culture.

We also chalk out People Strategy where we prepare the organisation's blueprint, hierarchy, and map skills with compensation.

Our third area of focus is Talent Management where we enable clients to implement HR best practices, policies and frameworks, training and development as well as succession planning.

We extend our expertise by partnering in HRMS implementation, outsourcing, engineering 'Hire-to-retire' process, and driving efficiency and productivity.

We have undertaken a lot of projects under our HR Advisory Services across a varied set of industries, some of which are mentioned below:


1. Learning Curriculum - Learning project for a leading Media & OTT company, created a complete learning journey for college graduates to increase employability & potential to earn. The content was both created & curated for a learning document.


4. Revamp of HR Shared Services - Large multinational development funding bank. Reengineered business processes, including SOPs & SLAs. A revamped HR Data management system - Data Architecture (Technology & Integration). Proposed technology to enable the Service delivery model & support the implementation of the proposal.


2. Enterprise Transformation - Roadmap for a Singapore-based, leading marketing tech. firm (approx. 800 employees across the world) for increasing productivity, launching new offerings & developing new capabilities- Recommendations and implementation roadmap across People, Processes & Technology.


5. Organisational Effectiveness - Organisational restructuring and hiring process optimization for a Training & Services firm that supplies approx. 6000 to 7000 trained, entry-level workforce for the BFSI sector operating in the southern states. Diagnostics & research, followed by implementation roadmap.


3. Organisational Restructuring - Organisational set-up by merging & restructuring partnership firms into a new company for a business in the industrial equipment spares & services sector. Involved in compensation structuring (0-Sum), job grading, HR policies creation, and change management.


6. Performance Management - Leadership Goal-setting & implementation of performance management through a new HRMS-based system for a 1200-strong manufacturing org with INR 1400 Cr turnover. Involved in running the performance appraisal, rating normalisation & promotion exercise for the org as HR-Biz Partners.

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